700 km cycling across Antarctica with UYN

After more than 48 solo days and 716.5 km, ‘Antarctica Unlimited’, the extreme adventure of our ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice, came to an end on 7 January.

Omar completed the second longest ever bike crossing on Antarctic soil. Having set off with the goal of reaching the South Pole, our #UYNNER had to cope with a perturbation involving abnormal temperatures (an increasingly frequent phenomenon in the Antarctic territory due to the climate crisis) that caused heavy precipitation and significantly slowed down the ride. Reaching 86° South latitude, the safety team informed Omar that he would have to end his adventure in the shadow of the Thiel Mountains to avoid the risk of becoming trapped in a very dangerous area.

“During the crossing, Omar was able to witness how Antarctica is one of the places on the planet where the effects of global warming are most evident. In his adventure, the Italian ultra-cyclist faced temperatures ranging from -25° to -10° with strong katabatic winds that dropped the perceived temperature well below these values.

In these borderline survival conditions, Omar was supported by UYN: from the first layer to the specially developed padded suit. UYN proves to be a leading brand in technical winter sports apparel and technological innovation.”

“I lived the most incredible experience of my life, fulfilling my biggest dream but, above all, I learnt one thing: the real goal was what Antarctica left inside me. I am proud of every single metre of these 716.5 km I covered, living constantly between -10ºC and -25ºC, facing the fierce katabatic winds. For 48 very long days, I lived and explored the most extreme place on the planet. I cycled, pushed, suffered. I laughed, cried, laughed.
The point of arrival is only a detail.
I managed to stay here until the last second I was allowed, never giving up even in the hardest moments: I gave everything.”

Congratulations to Omar on his incredible adventure from the UYN team!