Areas is open: welcome to the future


A place where designers, artists, graphic designers, 3D animators, product managers, creatives and communication experts come together to create the future of sportswear. Welcome to AREAS (Academy For Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory. Officially opened on Thursday 5 October, AREAS is the most advanced innovation and creativity hub in the textile industry.

Want to discover AREAS and test UYN apparel?

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Testing fabrics

AREAS is the laboratory where we study new bio-materials and put them through strict tests. Stricter even than what is required by regulations. This way we are sure to offer you the highest quality.

And athletes

In the AREAS Brain Unit we measure athletes’ performance, collect data and develop new solutions. With cutting edge scientific equipment: our neuro-reactive treadmills, the Motion Station for movement skills, TITICI bikes on oscillating platforms and our thermal mannequin Hyper.

Under all conditions

In the Arctic Chamber we study the performance of our clothing at -30°C. The Monsoon Chamber allows us to test the waterproof capacity of the garments under extreme rainfall. We are ready for anything!


On 5 October, over 150 UYN athletes and specialist media experienced an extraordinary journey into the future with us. The opening day was full of surprises.

Andrew Howe new UYN athlete

We announced a new addition to the #UYNNER Team! Andrew Howe, one of the greatest talents in Italian athletics and holder of the national long jump record (8.47 m), has chosen UYN as his technical partner. His experience will contribute to the development of new running collections.

Omar Di Felice challenges Antarctica by bike

Our ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice unveiled his new winter adventure. In November, he will return to Antarctica to attempt a world record: the solo bike crossing of the planet’s most remote region.

The Biotech Show in the UYN factory

The fashion show of the UYN FW23-24 collection among ultra-sophisticated machinery left everyone speechless. Grand finale with the new Biotech technical underwear, the first made with fibres derived from nature and empowered by technology.