Coach awards UYN Strides trail shorts

We are proud to announce that UYN® Strides trail running shorts have been recognized as the most comfortable long-distance running shorts by Coach.
Coach is the web portal dedicated to the world of running, fitness, Healt and lifestyle among the most authoritative and respected in the industry.

This is the verdict of Coach’s experts:

“These shorts from Italian brand UYN are exceptionally comfortable thanks to the soft, flexible fabrics they are made from. They wrap around the legs supporting the muscles without constricting them, and are great for counteracting skin chafing. The two zippered pockets on the sides can easily hold a phone and personal effects, plus they have an elastic pocket on the back. The shorts are a great option for long outings on the trails or road”.

UYN Strides

Our UYN Strides trail shorts are made using an innovative blend of our bio-based NATEX yarn with Cordura that provides increased abrasion resistance and perfect breathability even on the hottest days. Tight fit just above the knee fits like a second skin for optimal comfort between trails. The front is design without seams and made by combining NATEX bio-based fiber with Cordura: 50% faster drying, 25% lighter than traditional synthetic fibers and abrasion resistant.