FOCUS ON: BUFFERCONE insulation technology

Thermal comfort, especially in winter apparel, is the result of a fine balance between warmth and ventilation. Our body must be effectively protected from the cold, but at the same time it must not overheat during activity. BUFFERCONE is our solution to provide you with an unparalleled comfort experience: the most advanced insulation technology on the market.


BUFFERCONE is the evolution of the traditional fleece fabric, an innovative structure extraordinarily effective in retaining the heat produced by the body.

Strategic Insulation
The construction stores warm air in micro conical buffers (the so-called “Buffer Cones”) creating a layer that insulates the body from the outside and protects it from temperature variations. The thickness of the fabric and the density of the conical pads varies depending on the position. In the areas of the body most subject to cooling, BUFFERCONE is able to provide greater insulating power.

At the same time, the three-dimensional surface of the fabric is designed to promote air circulation and keep the body pleasantly ventilated.

The fabric with BUFFERCONE technology is also exceptionally soft and pleasant to the touch, making the moment you put on a UYN garment an experience of absolute comfort.

Where do we use it?

We use BUFFERCONE fabric:
– on its own, as in our accessories: balaclava, sleeves and leggings.
– as an inner lining in our winter sports jackets and Be Seen jacket for cycling.
– Coupled with other fabrics and membranes in our softshell, running and cycling jackets.

What are the benefits?

BUFFERCONE technology was developed in close collaboration with our athletes. During the testing phase we recorded an improvement in body temperature management. The garments with BUFFERCONE technology help the body to stay warm during break times, cool and dry during activity. The refined ventilation properties reduce the “condensation effect” that occurs when the body gets too warm and excess sweat is not adequately absorbed.