This is

We empower you
to unleash your full
potential with our
ideas and innovations.

This is
who we are

We strive for perfection. “To UYN” means more than “to win »: it means testing your limits, achieving your goals and going beyond them, finding new motivation every day. To do this, you need all the help you can get. UYN offers maximum performance with outstanding comfort, the best materials and the most refined functions.

This is
what we believe in

UYN brings to mind the interaction between performance and comfort. From conception to finishing, keeping quality and adhering to ethical procedures was on the forefront of our minds.
UNLEASH YOUR NATURE isn’t just a slogan behind the acronym UYN; its the phrase that encapsulates the philosophy in which we believe.


Unleash your strength
Unleash your mind
Unleash your full potential

We at UYN help you to realize and unleash your full potential. By using all our know-how to develop sports equipment that inspires your urge to move without restrictions.


Your body
Your motivation
Your goals

You, as an individual, are the center of our developments. Our range meets all needs. Our technologies and philosophy shall encourage you to be your authentic, natural self and to enjoy your achievements whether as a professional athlete or someone who just likes being active.


Nature in you
Nature around you
Nature in balance

Every person is unique and has an energy inside that empowers them. UYN was born to create sophisticated functional products that establish a balance between your inner nature and the one around you. All with great respect for the world

17 juin 2022

Victoire !

Notre ultra-cycliste Omar Di Felice a remporté la septième édition de la...

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3 juin 2022

UYN et BUGATTI dévoilent une nouvelle collection de vêtements et de chaussures

Le vendredi 3 juin, au magasin UYN de KaDeWe à Berlin, la...

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7 février 2022

Les accessoires UYN ? Bien plus que de simples accessoires !

Que vos aventures sportives se fassent en ville ou en pleine nature,...

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31 janvier 2022

Artic World Tour : la nouvelle aventure extrême d’Omar

Notre UYNNER s'est lancé un nouveau défi : 4 000 km autour...

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20 janvier 2022

L'histoire de notre gamme cyclisme à l'épreuve de l'Himalaya

Les produits de notre collection hiver sont le fruit de la collaboration...

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19 janvier 2022

ZOOM SUR : la technologie d'isolation BUFFERCONE

Le confort thermique, en particulier dans les vêtements d'hiver, est le résultat...

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14 janvier 2022

Nous soutenons l'école de ski M'Over By Kristian Ghedina

Nous sommes fiers de fournir sous-vêtements techniques et chaussettes aux moniteurs de...

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5 janvier 2022


Sans voix devant les incroyables figures de l’équipe autrichienne de freeski, nous...

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