Our UYNNER Markus Mingo won the German Ultratrail Championship

The 10th anniversary of the Zugspitz Ultratrail became a big celebration for all trail running fans and saw our xcrunde team captain Markus Mingo crowned German ultratrail champion for the second time.

At 10:21 in the morning of July 17, after 108 kilometers, 5120 meters of altitude and exactly 27:11:36 hours on the trail, Michel Leisner was the last runner of the Zugspitz Ultratrail to cross the finish line at the Richard-Strauß-Platz in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And is thus one of 2756 finishers of a total of 3022 runners from 56 countries who started in the five competitions of the 10th Zugspitz Ultratrail 2022 (ZUT); almost a third of them women.

A heart-pounding race

Particularly in focus was the course of the SUPERTRAIL XL over 82 kilometers and 3680 hm, on which the German Ultratrail Championships were held. In the end, the Peruvian Remigio Huaman Quispe was in front, completing the course in an incredibly fast 8:31:14 hours. Only a few seconds behind was our Uynner Markus Mingo from Bad Kötzting, who secured the “German Ultratrail Championship” for the second time – and was a good half hour faster than in his last victory on this route in 2017.

Third, already clearly behind, was Matthias Reichart in 9:08 hours.

In the women’s race, victory went only to Anna Hahner. The former Olympian in the marathon lived up to her role as favorite in 9:59:07 hours – and thus not only won the SUPERTRAIL XL, but also the German Championship in the Ultratrail. “I didn’t know you could enjoy such a long distance so much,” she beamed after her emotional finish. With a good half hour behind, American Meg Lane finished in second place ahead of Anna Jansen from Grafing.

The words of our UYNNER

“The German championship title at the Zugspitze is something very special for me and means a lot to me” said Mingo directly after crossing the finish line. “This is where I competed in my first trail race 12 years ago and where I won one of my biggest titles in 2017 with the German Championship. That I was able to repeat my success here five years later and significantly top my performance back then is an indescribably satisfying feeling.

The fact that the ZUT 2022 became more than just a sporting competition was due to the great external conditions, which turned the ZUT into a great trail running festival: the best weather, a large and well-attended expo with 36 exhibitors, great promotions by the partners on site, numerous running public in the heart of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as well as live recordings from the course, which were streamed directly on a video wall in the finish area and thus allowed the spectators in the finish area as well as in front of the screens at home to participate in the race.

What did Markus wear?

To help Markus give is best, we decide togheter the products that could support him all race long.
His choice was the ULTRA1 line, that thanks to the FREELEASE construction is made with a single seam decreasing friction on the skin.
With shirt and pants providing our UYNNER maximum comfort and performance, the socks could not be less: that’s why he opted for the UYN RUNNER’S ONE, which use our innovative  ZEROCUFF technology, completely eliminating the classic double tightening cuff on the calf expanding the elastic structure throughout the sock.

Results? Perfect hold, maximum performance and optimal comfort.

Photos Credits: @woidlifephotography