Our SKIPPER shoes successfully passed the Nautica Report test: ‘Top comfort and safety’.

Italian nautical magazine tested UYN SKIPPER shoes in different conditions: winter championship, summer regattas and cruising. Result: “Surprising performance, in terms of grip, comfort, drying speed”.


The UYN SKIPPER shoes are our nautical-inspired model dedicated to boat enthusiasts. Since we launched them in 2021 at the Genoa Boat Show, these shoes have been an extraordinary success becoming one of our iconic models.

Over the past few months, we have delivered the UYN SKIPPER shoes to experts from Nautica Report magazine who have been able to test them in all conditions. We are proud to announce that our shoes passed the test brilliantly and were rated among the best in the segment.

Here is the experts’ verdict.


“The shoe protects adequately even on cold winter days, without adding any ‘thermal protection’. If you are on a calm day of coastal sailing, without excessive wave motion or heeling of the boat, the advice is to trust the shoe: the sole protects you from the cold of the deck, the lightweight fabric allows proper protection from the cold”.

Spring/summer use

“The milder air and water temperatures even make it pleasant to feel the shoe moistened by the waves, with more than adequate comfort for the foot. The feeling is that much better known and more popular shoes dry out in a longer time than these UYNs”.

The final verdict

“The shoe is great, the foot is well wrapped and the feeling of comfort and safety is top notch – you almost forget you have boat shoes on your foot!”