New world record!

Our #UYNNER Paolo Venturini managed to run for 2 hours, 52 minutes and 53 seconds on the Khardung La, the world’s highest road pass (5,602 metres)

The sky is the limit. At 2.30 p.m. on Thursday, 13 July, ultramarathon runner Paolo Venturini set a new world record: running non-stop on the Khardung La, the world’s highest road pass, at an altitude of 5,602 metres in the Ladakh region of India.

No athlete had ever managed to achieve such a feat before. Venturini completed a non-stop endurance run lasting 2 hours, 52 minutes and 53 seconds, covering a distance of 20.7 kilometres.

To enable the Italian ultra-runner to attempt the record, a protected lane was created on the summit of Khardung La, 100 metres long, which the italian ltramarathon runner traversed 207 times, thus constantly maintaining the altitude of 5,602 metres above sea level.

This sporting challenge has also important scientific implications. Venturini was in fact monitored by a team of Italian and Indian doctors with the aim of studying the effects of high-altitude sickness on the human body.

The record man

Our #UYNNER is no stranger to adventures of this kind: in 2017, he ran 75 km across Iran’s Dash and Lut desert, the hottest place on Earth (average temperature of 67°); in 2019, he became the first man to run 39 km in the world’s coldest inhabited place, in the Republic of Sakha Jakutia (north-eastern Siberia), at a temperature of 52.6° below zero.

UYN apparel for the challenge

Venturini was supported by UYN technical clothing for training, the delicate acclimatisation phase and the record challenge. To manage the temperature fluctuations at altitude, he relied on a layered system consisting of functional underwear, second layer and jacket.

In particular, our ultra-runner chose:


For running in winter conditions, made of a sophisticated blend of Merino wool and Natex bio-fibre to keep the feet dry and at the ideal temperature


Designed to transport sweat to the outside and prevent the body from overheating. Made with Natex bio-fibre from castor oil seeds, it dries 50% faster than traditional synthetic fibres. Featuring Flowtunnels technology for maximum ventilation.


With TERRY AIRCELL thermo-regulation system and FLEXY RIBS for ultimate freedom of movement


Elastic and thermo-regulating, with integrated HEATMEMORY technology that stores body heat to prevent freezing during breaks.


Protects the core thanks to BUFFERCONE technology and patented MEMBRAIN 115 membrane. Ultra-breathable in the back thanks to three-dimensional knit structure.