Omar di Felice wins Indian Pacific Wheel Road with UYN

Omar Di Felice wins his last race: the crossing of Australia in less than 19 days for a total of 5,471 kilometers.

At Mid-morning on Thursday, April 4, our ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice crossed the finish line of the Indian Pacific Wheel Road at the Sydney Opera House as the winner. Our #UYNNER started from Freemantle, near Perth, on Saturday, March 16, after midday, and traversed the whole of South Australia for a total of 5,471 kilometers with an elevation gain of 33,543 meters, riding an average of more than 350 kilometers per day from ocean to ocean.


“It’s not easy to describe the emotions felt during these 5471 km. Joy, pain, amazement, sorrow and finally immense happiness, riding this bicycle that once again did not betray me. I’m starting to think there’s something special on it: together we crossed the United States of America and now Australia. It’s time rest: I’m grateful to life for how it is repaying me for everything I have given it in terms of dedication, application, sometimes sacrifice. We live for joys like the one I feel inside right now”.
He writes on his social media.


A lone adventure but not completely: the UYN functional clothing was a crucial partner in getting first at the finish line. During the race, Omar faced extreme weather conditions both day and night. Thanks to the quality of our biomaterials, our athlete was able to maintain a stable body temperature, a necessary condition for maximum performance throughout the race.