Omar wins the Trans Am Bike Race

Our #UYNNER Omar Di Felice conquered the world’s toughest and most iconic unsupported ultra-cycling race: almost 7000 km from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast in the US

Omar is the first Italian cyclist ever to win the Trans Am Bike Race. Starting on 4 June from Astoria (Oregon) with 47 other athletes, he rode for 18 days, 10 hours and 10 minutes to reach the finish line in Yorktown (Virginia), after crossing 10 states and 4 different time zones.

The toughest race

The Trans Am Bike Race is a unique competition: the athletes are not supported by a team and have to fight against the clock to reach the finish line optimising their times and strategically calculating their rest hours. Omar took the lead on day 4, leaving Polish rider Pulawski behind. A long ride through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas allowed him to get ahead. After crossing the Appalachians and entering Virginia, Pulawski narrowed the gap, but with extraordinary effort, Omar was able to take a historic victory.

Supported by UYN apparel

The support of UYN functional apparel proved to be successful. During the race, Omar faced the most extreme weather conditions: heat up to 40°, the cold of the night, and violent rain storms. By cleverly combining technical layers, our athlete was able to maintain a stable body temperature and the best conditions for maximum performance.

For the Trans Am Bike Race, Omar wore the following UYN products

Ultra-light and aerodynamic, in total white version

Designed to reflect heat radiation and keep the body cool

With HP4D four-density pad for long distances. Made of three-dimensional knit fabric with Natex bio-fibre for maximum performance.

Featuring Flowtunnels technology for extraordinary cooling power

With three-dimensional structures to increase aerodynamics

The first cycling socks without the cuff to facilitate blood circulation and reduce the feeling of fatigue

Protection at the front, breathability at the back thanks to Flowtunnels technology

With Buffercone system to keep the body at the ideal temperature. Designed for uncertain weather