Running in the heat, follow the tips from our ultra-runner

Running in hot weather doesn’t have to be a pain. And you don’t have to give up your training! However, some precautions are needed to avoid unpleasant effects. We asked our ultra-runner Paolo Venturini for some basic tips for running in the heat. The first: choose the right clothing!

Paolo Venturini: the athlete who ran in the world’s hottest place

Paul has quite some experience of extreme situations… he ran in the hottest place in the world (75 km in the Iranian Dash e Lut desert, average temperature 67°C) and in the coldest place (39 km in Siberia at -52.6°). In July, he also set the record for running at the highest point on the earth (20.7 km at an altitude of 5,602 metres in Ladakh).

Shirt and Tank Top

“When it’s hot, the body produces sweat and cools down through evaporation. If we run in a wet shirt, however, it creates a barrier to the evaporation of sweat and does not allow the body to cool down. That’s why it is essential to choose a high-quality shirt with quick-drying technical fabric”.

Exceleration short-sleeved shirt

“This shirt creates an air chamber between the skin and the fabric that keeps the body cool and makes you feel less heat. The lightweight fabric and regular fit provide great freedom of movement”.

Exceleration tank top

“For those who are not too fair-skinned, the Exceleration tank top is a valuable partner during training”.

Ultra 1 short-sleeved shirt

“My favourite for competitions. It stays close to the body, does not create chafing, supports the muscles and dries in a flash thanks to the Natex bio-fibre”.


“When sweat evaporates, it leaves a residue of salts on the skin that can cause abrasions. I prefer tight-fitting shorts because they increase comfort especially in the inner thigh area”.

Exceleration tights

“Outstanding comfort and freedom of movement. Especially after 20 km of running you realise the top quality”.

Ultra 1 tights

“Perfect for competitions. Without seams on the inner thigh, they do not create chafing and stabilise the muscles”.


“Remember that they are a fundamental part of your outfit. Go for light and ventilated socks, but with protection in strategic areas”.

Runner’s One socks

“Ultra-breathable and anatomically shaped, the no-cuff construction guarantees absolute comfort”.

Runner’s Five socks

“If you’re suffer from chafing in the toe area and want more comfort, these socks are phenomenal”.

Compression Fly socks

“For those who suffer from calf contractures, I recommend testing this model of socks in training and competition”.

Basic rules for running in the heat

1. Hydrate before, during and after training session

“A water loss of 3-4% is already enough to affect performance. It is super important to drink and replenish fluids after training”.

2. Choose the best times

“It’s not true that running at midday makes you slim! It is only dangerous. Better to choose the cooler hours when possible”.

3. Choose the most appropriate routes

“Prefer shady routes, even if this means repeating a few stretches several times”.