We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with actor and freerunning founder Sébastien Foucan. 


Parisian living in London, born in 1974, Sébastien Foucan is one of the pioneers of parkour and founder of freerunning, an athletic and acrobatic discipline that emphasizes artistry over efficiency and speed with which to overcome obstacles. Athlete, actor, motivational speaker, and founder of one of the UK’s most prestigious freerunning academies, Sebastien has always been dedicated to promoting the sport and the philosophy behind it.
The grit, creativity and agility with which he tackles city obstacles are also the basis of his international success. Sébastien first ended up in the spotlight in 2003 following the Channel 4 documentary “Jump London” in which he juggles the landmarks of the English capital.

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In 2005 he became the star of Madonna’s “Jump” music video and gained global fame by also participating in the U.S. pop star’s “Confessions Tour” world tour.
The following year he took on the role of Mollaka in the colossal “007: Casino Royale” where he starred in the epic chase between buildings under construction at the beginning of the film with Daniel Craig.

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Not only cinema and entertainment among his appearances, but also sports leagues and broadcasts in which he was able to show off his incredible athletic skills. With Blacklist, the team he founded, he won the European World Chase Tag Championship in 2019 and allowed his team to finish in third place at the World Championships that same year thanks to his performances.
He has also appeared on the popular show Ninja Warriors UK in no less than two seasons (seasons 4 and 5), proving to be one of the few contestants to succeed in completing the arduous obstacle course.

The Word of Sèbastien Foucan

“I am excited to be partnering with such an innovative organisation as UYN. In my daily physical activity, performance is critical so UYN’s ability to transfer their technical expertise into their products is great. Looking forward to collaborating with UYN on future clothing and shoe ranges, and particularly to be working with UYN’s leading edge environmentally friendly materials. Given that my philosophy focus on connecting your mind, your body and your environment, UYN appreciation of sustainability is something that I too am very passionate about”.

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