Ski One chosen by Climax Magazine as the best ski socks: ‘A revolution’

The innovative UYN® Ski One Merino socks have been chosen by the Climax editorial team as the best ski socks on the market.

The German magazine, specialised in climbing and winter sports, tested and evaluated our new ski model in this way.

“A revolution in the field of sports socks. The Italian brand introduces ZEROCUFF technology: maximum comfort, increased performance and perfect support”

The Ski One Merino socks are the first socks made with Zerocuff technology, featuring no elastic at the top.

“With SKI ONE, UYN has reached a new evolutionary level in sports socks. The ZEROCUFF technology offers skiers unprecedented comfort and promotes performance. The improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to the blood leads to less fatigue during activity, greater sensitivity of the feet in the ski boots and generally an increased sense of well-being”

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