UYN accessories? More than just accessories

Whether your sporting adventures are urban or out in nature, it makes no difference. There is always a need for an accessory that will support your activities. In UYN, however, an accessory is not something secondary but an element that contributes, like all the apparel, to make your sporting activities as comfortable and performing as possible.

UYN Under Helmet Buffercone

Understated look and assured comfort. For the coldest days out, there’s no better solution than protecting yourself with an ultra-advanced balaclava. Made internally with Buffercone technology, a micro cone structure that retains heat and generates a protective insulating layer, it is perfect for colder climates and ideal for your bike rides or runs.

UYN Cashmere Unisex Cap

The warmth of cashmere, the power of Argentheon. Thanks to its elegant look and the efficiency of the fibers used, the UYN CASHMERE is the ideal beanie for your adventures. The cashmere provides you with the softness and warmth you need while the Argentheon technology, designed by UYN engineers, gives you extraordinary thermal comfort thanks to its ability to effectively reflect body heat.

UYN Waterproof Gloves Unisex

The elasticity and warmth of a glove without compromise. UYN Waterproof is designed entirely without seams to fit your hand perfectly and stay tight. Thanks to the intelligent MEMBRAIN115 membrane, it prevents water from penetrating, leaving your hand dry yet breathable. Plus, it’s ideal for using your devices thanks to the touch-screen tips.

UYN Natyon Iride

With Natyon Iride you will discover all the features of an advanced neck warmer. Soft and comfortable, it is made with a special technology, the 4-ways ventilation, which ensures optimal ventilation over the entire surface of the skin thanks to the integrated micro-ribs that create a space between the skin and the fabric leaving the air free to circulate. All this translates into great advantages both in terms of dispersion of sweat and heat retention.