Be a Fighter

We have reinterpreted the values that have always inspired Vincent Candela in a new collection dedicated to padel fighters.

“Be a fighter” is the message embodied by this special line: put your passion into play, fight to achieve your goals – just as the outstanding career of a World Champion teaches us.

Vincent Candela

World Champion
European Champion
Italian Champion

A fighter on the field and in life. Vincent Candela has constantly set the bar higher and higher for his goals – and he has achieved them all. As a football player he won all the major competitions: the World Championship in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000 with the French national team; the Italian Championship and the Italian Super Cup in 2001 with AS Roma.

Talent and determination are the traits that have always set him apart on the football field. The same warrior spirit also led him to successfully dedicate himself to the game of padel and to found his own club in Rome: the Fight Club Padel.”

For padel

Advanced technology
With a fighting soul

Designed in close collaboration with the French champion, the UYN for VINCENT CANDELA collection combines the most advanced technologies with innovative biomaterials and is complemented by sophisticated details that make it unique and immediately recognisable.


Much more than just a t-shirt. It’s an extra edge over your opponents.

Hypermotion Technology

More freedom for your winning shots

The zero-seam construction of the shoulders allows a natural range of movement of the arms. For more powerful, precise and fully controlled shots. Without any restrictions.

Coolvent Technology

Cools you down when the match gets hot

Located in the areas of increased perspiration, Coolvent technology quickly transports moisture away from the body. A system of 3D channels generates a flow of air over the skin that helps to keep it cool and dry.

Cell Knit Technology

Armour to be ready for the match

The three-dimensional fabric structure evokes the warrior’s armour, a source of inspiration for Candela. Thanks to UYN’s special construction technique, this pattern ensures optimal regulation of body temperature by retaining air in micro climate cells in contact with the skin.

Wing Knit Technology

Wings to make performance fly

The wings knitted on the back are a symbol chosen by Vincent Candela. Their message is not to give up in the face of difficulties, but to accept them as challenges to be overcome in order to rise. The wings are not just a simple aesthetic detail, but also have the function of increasing the capacity to transport sweat outwards in a strategic area of the body.

With Natex fiber from castor oil seeds

Ultra–light, no sweat & no smell

Derived from castor oil seeds, NATEX fibre reduces garment weight by 25%, dries 50% faster than conventional nylon, is more elastic and has a bacteriostatic effect that minimises odour.


Sprint and stretch for the ball.
Victory comes with freedom of movement

4-Ways Ventilation Technology

Superior ventilation

Special micro-ribs integrated in the waistband create a 1.5 mm gap that promotes air circulation between the skin and the fabric. This system promotes high ventilation at a critical point for sweat accumulation.

Smart pocket

Specially designed to hold padel balls

The elastic pockets are designed to hold up to two padel balls each during the match. So you can stay focused and not waste time chasing balls.

And women?

Stay tuned, the uyn for Vincent candela Padel collection is coming soon…