UYN presents the new NATURE TEAM MAZZU shoes for aviation enthusiasts

From the collaboration with the Italian company Mazzucchi comes an innovative shoe: Made in Italy using pure Merino wool, eco-sustainable, embellished with the image of the AgustaWestland AW109 helicopter

The most common comment, when wearing a particularly comfortable shoe, is that “it feels like flying”. UYN – Unleash Your Nature has really landed in the world of flight, not only metaphorically, thanks to the collaboration with Tutto Sport Mazzucchi, leading company for 40 years in aviation apparel. From the prestigious partnership with this company from Sondrio (Italy) was born the UYN NATURE TEAM MAZZU shoes: Made in Italy using fine Merino wool, eco-friendly, ideal for piloting any type of aircraft.

Mazzucchi branded flight suits are appreciated all over the world for their innovation and top quality. The Mazzu Team, that is the group of pilots and sportsmen in the aviation sector who wear Mazzucchi apparel, includes pilots of helicopters, gliders, paragliders, aeroplanes and hot-air balloons. Their valuable experience, combined with the exclusive technology of UYN, has allowed the development of an innovative shoe that completes the outfit of the pilot delivering maximum comfort in any condition.

Thermoregulating Merino wool, high grip sole for maximum safety

UYN NATURE TEAM MAZZU is engineered from the sock, completely without seams, using a construction method exclusive to UYN. The Merino wool inner layer provides a thermoregulating effect: it helps to maintain the ideal micro-climate around the foot even when you climb in altitude and the temperature drops. A fundamental characteristic, especially when the shoe is used for helicopter rescue operations that require promptness in all weather conditions. The absence of laces and accessory parts, such as the tongue, ensures greater safety and practicality in the cockpit. The sole with U-shaped rubber tread is designed to ensure traction and control on any surface.

Ultralight and extraordinarily breathable, the UYN NATURE TEAM MAZZU shoe is elegantly finished on the side with the stylized image of the AgustaWestland AW109 helicopter, a model produced by the Italian Leonardo Company and one of the most renowned worldwide: a “Made in Italy jewel” used for passenger transport but also for helicopter rescue services.

“Our company had already been collaborating for some time with UYN for technical underwear and functional socks,” the words of Stefano Mazzucchi, owner of Tutto Sport Mazzucchi. “The strong appreciation for the fabrics and fit turned into curiosity when the first shoe collection was presented. After wearing UYN shoes, I realized that the technology and materials were perfect for pilots, so the project of a shoe dedicated to flight enthusiasts was born. I was able to test the new UYN NATURE TEAM MAZZU model starting from Sondrio with a temperature of -5° and landing in the Como lake area with 18°: my feet remained at the perfect temperature all the time, without getting cold or sweaty. The comfort was extraordinary”.

“We are proud of the partnership with Mazzucchi, a leading company in the field of flight suits, which allowed us to expand the areas of interest for our products,” the comment of Marco Redini, CEO of the UYN brand. “Guided by the feedback of the Mazzu Team pilots, we developed an eco-sustainable shoe, in pure Merino wool, that combines comfort and performance in a revolutionary way. We are confident that this is just the first step in a long collaboration that will lead UYN to expand its high-tech proposal into the world of aviation as well.”

The UYN NATURE TEAM MAZZU shoe is made in blue/grey, sizes 37 to 45. The first production will be used by the staff of the Italian company Eurotech, internationally specialized in helicopter maintenance, training and assistance.