UYN to start Giro d’Italia alongside the Israel start-up nation team

The Italian brand will be supporting Dan Martin and teammates in the prestigious stage race with high-tech underwear, socks and shoes.

UYN – Unleash Your Nature is ready for the start of the 104th Giro d’Italia, which kicks off in Turin, on Saturday, May 8, together with the Israel Start-Up Nation team. For the Italian brand, launched in the autumn 2018, this is the first participation in the prestigious stage race, one of the world’s most important cycling events.

The high-tech underwear models UYN ENERGYON and UYN MOTYON, the UYN X-CROSS shoes and the UYN CYCLING LIGHT functional socks will ensure maximum support to the ambitions of a highly competitive team, led by Irishman Dan Martin, already the winner of two stages at the Tour de France and two at the Vuelta a Espana.

“It’s really exciting to be able to work with a company like UYN who makes such innovative comfortable products” says Martin. “Our casual shoes are perfect for our needs being comfortable, lightweight and supportive and our range of undershirts offers solutions for every weather condition. The company really seems to mirror my own approach to cycling in that I look to maximize every detail and it’s a pleasure to wear their products”


3,471 kilometres. 47,000 meters of climbing, 21 stages (one of which, the 18th, will pass through the town of Asola where UYN is based): the Giro d’Italia is unique in combining beautiful landscapes with an extremely challenging route. The athletes will have to be ready to face all weather conditions, from sun to rain, from intense heat to the freezing cold of the legendary Alpine passes at over 2000 meters of altitude. For this reason, the base layer is even more decisive for maximum performance.

UYN underwear is made using bio-based NATEX fibre, which is 25% lighter and dries 50% faster than traditional nylon, and is designed to regulate body temperature. Its refined technologies keep the body cool and dry during activity, but also prevent it from getting cold when the temperature drops or during long descents. In this way, the cyclist is always in the ideal conditions to unleash his potential.

Every little detail contributes to the final success. Especially in a stage race, rest plays a crucial role. UYN CYCLING LIGHT socks with targeted compression and UYN X-CROSS shoes made from the finest Merino wool are the best ally for the athletes of the Israel Start-Up Nation team to speed up recovery and restore energy for the next stage.


The eight athletes that will take part in the 104th edition of the Giro d’Italia:

  • Dan Martin (Ireland)
  • Patrick Bevin (New Zealand)
  • Matthias Brändle (Austria)
  • Davide Cimolai (Italy)
  • Alessandro De Marchi (Italy)
  • Alex Dowsett (Great Britain)
  • Krists Neilands (Latvia)
  • Guy Niv (Israel)