Winter cycling: Ambityon underwear tops Tour Magazin tests

We are proud to announce that our UYN® Ambityon underwear received the highest possible rating of ‘very good’ and best in class in the Tour Magazin tests.

Testers from Tour, Germany’s leading cycling magazine, compared eleven different technical undershirts for winter cycling. UYN® Ambityon scored the highest, and was recommended by the magazine for its thermal capabilities.

This is the experts’ verdict:
“The Italian high-tech knitting factory shows off its technical capabilities. The shirt is the recommendation for cycling in the cold: it transfers moisture to the outer layers, which is why it feels good against the skin. The rather tight, body-hugging fit supports the function”.

Our Ambityon underwear line is designed for low-temperature and medium-intensity activities. Made from Natex bio-fibre, derived from castor oil seeds, Ambityon weighs 25% less and dries 50% faster than conventional synthetic garments. Thanks to Coolvent technology, it keeps the skin dry and at the ideal temperature, while the Heatmemory system stores body heat and prevents sudden chills.